Are you being blocked, censored or monitored?

Your browsing can be monitored by work and school

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a middleman between you and the service you are trying to reach. You may be in a network, in a country, in a place, where your browsing is limited and censored. Using a webproxy server is an easy and hasslefree way to to get access to sites that are blocked.
The proxy server will make the request that you want, andgive you back the response. Without you directly accessing facebook, it will not be blocked.

UnblockAll allows you to freely use facebook

Here nothing is censored, nothing is throttled. Freely and simply use your social networks.

Hiqh quality server and high quality connection

on our server, to give you the best and quickest experience possible.
If your ISP or government is throttling Facebook, using will make it much faster.

UnblockAll hides what you do

You are protected by industry standard encryption. So sit back, relax, and stop worrying about big brother

Facebook is important for activism and freedom

And everyone should be free to use it.

People in China, Iran, North Korea, and other countries, have their internet limited. Several countries around the world block facebook and other social sites.

Censorship prevents people from learning the truth. Everyone, no matter country or nationality has a right to freedom of speech.

In november 2016 monitoring networks in Turkey noticed that several social media services, like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, were shut down.

This was the first time that Turkey banned WhatsApp on a nationwide scale. Use TorGuard to unblock WhatsApp on your phone.

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Connect with Friends

Connect with Friends

Don't keep your friends waiting for RSVP's, or updated friend requests

Connect with Family

Connect with Family

To share your latest family pictures, or let them know you are safe

Censorship Free

Censorship Free

Knowledge is power, and knowledge is freedom.

Trouble Free

Trouble free

No programs to install, no registration or payment.